Traditional Kitchens

For those who are looking for a more traditional kitchen style we have 32 kitchen styles listed on this page including natural solid wood finishes, painted wood finishes, and traditional shaker style doors. Click an image to view more information.

Natural wood Shaker Kitchens

Milton Kitchen

Traditional in standard wood or a partially painted finish

Broadoak Kitchen

Available in 5 styles including painted.

Broadoak Dakar & Rye Kitchen

Natural timber finish mixed with painted doors.

Coloured & Painted Shaker Kitchens

Mornington Beaded dove grey Kitchen

Available in a range of painted colours

Milbourne Charcoal

Traditional shaker style kitchen

Milbourne Partridge Kitchen

Choose from unpainted oak, or a range of painted shaker style doors.

Langham Painted Kitchen

Linear style doors with a chunky outside frame.

Mornington Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Style available in a range of painted colours

Ellerton Chalk Kitchen

Handleless Shaker style

Ellerton Grey Kitchen

Ellerton Handless in Grey

Mornington Beaded Kitchen

Available in beaded or shaker doors, in a range of different colours.

Cornell Painted Kitchen

Traditional and stylish solid oak door with a painted finish.

Milbourne inframe Kitchen

Doors are inset to the frame of the kitchen.

Fitzroy Painted Kitchen

Available in a range of painted colours

Milbourne Porcelain Kitchen

Traditional shaker style kitchen in a Porcelain colour.